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Proprietors Marketplace

Mixed Use Development

Proprietor’s Marketplace, a mixed-use (commercial/ residential) development was designed and permitted in accordance with the Town of Marshfield’s Planned Mixed Use Development Standards. The Project was designed to be integrated into an existing development and take advantage of the setting around the Public Green. The size and use of the development was able to be maximized by designing the septic system to be outside the Zone II to a public water supply.


River Hawk was was able to be complete the permitting process in under 2 months and the project was approved during the first meeting with the Planning Board

Plans and graphics for illustration purposes only.

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Town of Marshfield,



  • Environmental Due Diligence Assessment

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Land Survey

  • Stormwater Design/ Engineering

  • Septic System Design

  • Municipal Permitting

  • Conservation Permitting


2.28 Acres

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