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Septic System Designs:
Many residences and commercial properties rely on septic systems to treat and dispose wastewater. We provide Title 5 inspection services for existing septic systems. We also perform engineering analysis and design for new and repair existing septic systems for residential and commercial properties. We design Title 5 Septic Systems in accordance with Massachusetts regulations. Our team of engineers have extensive experience and knowledge of state and local regulations and the experience to evaluate the geological nuances of a variety of sites.


Property Subdivisions:

Large properties are often subdivided to create higher overall value. We provide engineering, design, and permitting services for subdivisions, new parcel layout, utilities, and grading. We also assist with inspections and certifications required during the construction of new developments.

Commercial Site Designs: 

Development and redevelopment of commercial properties (retail, office, industrial, and multi-family residential) is subject to the requirements of numerous regulatory agencies, and typically requires significant engineering, design, and permitting services.  We provide property owners and developers of commercial properties with permitting, site layout, grading, drainage, utilities, landscape, and lighting services.


Wetlands Permitting: 

Construction work conducted within 100-feet of wetlands resources in Massachusetts requires engineering, permitting, and compliance with the Massachusetts Wetland Protections Act (WPA) and local conservation commission requirements. We design and implement strategies to mitigate potential impacts to wetlands and surface water bodies, and prepare a variety of filings for clients, including Requests for Determination (RDAs), Notice of Intents (NOIs), and Chapter 91 Permitting. We also attend Conservation Commission meetings and interface with Local and State regulators, as necessary.


Stormwater Management: 

Our staff has the knowledge and experience to design your project in compliance with the requirements of the Federal, State, and local regulations. We do this by preparing stormwater management plans, which include an operation and maintenance manual for stormwater facilities, best management practices aimed to control the source of pollutants that could be transported by stormwater runoff, as well as a spill response plan. Our designs utilize Low Impact Development (LID) practices such as vegetated swales, rain gardens, and bio-filtration basins to uptake pollutants through vegetative cover and then naturally filter stormwater runoff through soil layers.

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans: 

The Federal Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Rule requires that owners and operators of facilities that store more than 1,320-gallons of oil products in aboveground containers to retain a professional engineer to prepare a SPCC Plan that addresses how the facility will prevent oil spills to navigable waters and adjoining shorelines.  Violations of the SPCC Rule requirements can result in property owners/operators being fined thousands of dollars. We prepare SPCC Plans in accordance with regulations, as well as conduct site inspections and tri-annual plan updates to clients in the fuel oil distribution, automotive sales, and municipal sectors.

Dock Design & Permitting (Waterways Permitting / Chapter 91): 

Chapter 91 of the Massachusetts General Laws is the Public Waterfront Act, protecting access to the waterways of the state. A multi-step process, we work closely with you, providing the full length of services necessary in the installation of your new dock. 

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